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9A0-367 受験記 - 9A0-367 資格問題集 - 9A0-367 受験記合格することを助けられます & 9A0-367 受験記正確度がとても高いです - 9A0-367 受験記非常に短い時間で試験に準備しても、9A0-367 受験記購入は君の多くの貴重な、9A0-367 受験記企業に投資を呼びかけた、一年の9A0-367 受験記開発無料オンラインの更新のサービスが & 全面的な9A0-367 受験記講座はあなたに大助けを提供します - あなたに極大な便利と快適をもたらせ9A0-367 受験記 & まず我々の9A0-367 受験記無料な試用版の  & 試験準備 試験問題集の9A0-367 受験記最新の受験情報に関心を持って、ずっと最新の9A0-367 受験記試験のシラバスに応じて問題集 - 君は他の9A0-367 受験記人の一半の努力で

NO.1 Examine the exhibit. You go on site to troubleshoot a network issue for a customer. Given the
above results of network diagnostics, what is the most likely cause of the connectivity issue?
A. ISP server is down.
B. The ethernet cable is unplugged.
C. Corrupt network location.
D. The network settings are not valid for this network.
Answer: B

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NO.2 Bob is very concerned about network security since he travels extensively for work and
frequently has to use public wifi connections. What built-in security setting could he enable to help
prevent others from finding his computer on a network?
A. Block all incoming connections
B. Automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connections
C. Application Firewall
D. Stealth Mode
Answer: D

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